Tricky one this. The reality is that the scripts, the hosting account, the domain name all belong to someone. In Darkness Falls' case that someone is me. In that sense I own Darkness Falls. I could tell an unpleasant story, I might do later, but for now the skeleton of the project is my personal property.

But a game is so much more than its skeleton. Any online project is more than its skeleton. We're inviting players in, encouraging them to invest in a character, giving them an environment to explore and create in. That's great (you kind of hope), but what they create is theirs, and it has to be theirs for the project to stand any chance of success.

Interaction drives community. Not technology, not game content. People. Games are made out of people. And the people own their relationships, own their histories.

Which means (have we mentioned free online vampire games? With werewolves and shapeshifters and ghosts and ohmy! We should defintely mention free online vampire games. Hello Google. Please be my friend) which means that people are going to need the infrastructure of ownership. Persistence - you can't go taking things off them. Once they've built it it's theirs. It's their investment, their property. Even if you come up with a fantastically better one, you can't take the old one off them. Destroy their history and you destroy their investment. Destroy that and you destroy their commitment.

Let's talk about: a diary, why a diary? Or why does it look so awful? Or, the big one for many of you apparently; what the ****'s going on? Or, one dear to my heart at the moment - Who owns this?