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Vol 140 Issue 44

Police report decline in missing persons for second straight year.

In a report today, the Darkness Falls police department revealed that missing persons reports fell for the second year in a row.

Police spokesman Geraldine McEvoy said "this is an encouraging sign which points to an improvement in conditions in the city," although officer McEvoy was forced to admit that clear up rates of existing cases remains poor.

"city recovery"

A spokesman for the mayor's office said "this points to a recovery in the city's fortunes; what we're seeing is clearly a willingness of more and more people to stick with the city and not mysteriously disappear.

"increasing population"

Business leaders also welcomed the news. A representative of the Order of the Blood Rose, one of the largest business societies in Darkness Falls said "more people are always welcome. Darkness Falls can always benefit from fresh blood."

The missing persons rate in Darkness Falls has been an acknowledged problem for many years, much of the city's population choosing to leave their homes, and even their belongings, for reasons which are still a mystery to friends and colleagues.


"No clues" in case of missing clergyman.

Darkness Falls police admit they have "no clues" in the search for Father Theodore Salvatori. Father Salvatori was last seen in his church of St Jude, in the Cemetery district of the city almost two weeks ago. Concern for the safety of the 67 year old priest, who has no history of unexplained absence, remains extremely high, but despite a city wide manhunt no trace of Fr Salvatori has been found.

"everything possible"

The officer in charge of the case, Detective Philip Wells, told reporters "we're doing everything possible to locate Fr Salvatori, and we are confident of finding him. Anyone with information they feel might be relevant to the case is encouraged to contact me directly in my office. I can assure them their information will be treated in the strictest confidence."

A spokesman for the Bishop of Darkness Falls said "we pray for Father Salvatori's safe return and ask anyone with information to contact the police." Both police and Church authorities have dismissed as "unhelpful speculation" reports that Fr Salvatori was witnessed

Unauthorised microlights "a safety hazard for all"

Members of Darkness Falls emergency response units have condemned the recent craze for "buzzing" the city in unauthorised flights in what are believed to be powered hang gliders, popularly known as "microlights."

"serious injury or death"

Despite their small size, the craft can reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour, and the fire department has warned that an impact could cause serious damage to buildings, and serious injury or death to the pilots.

Local microlight enthusiasts are adamant that they are not responsible for the flights and have gone as far as chaining themselves to their aircraft to prevent unauthorised use, however


Angel missing from city landmark

A reward has been offered for information leading to the return of the statue of an angel, which has disappeared from a famous city landmark.

The angel is carved in solid marble, and has decorated the Public Crypt building in Darkness Falls since its renovation in the mid 19th century. A spokesman for the mayor's office said the statue would weigh "several tons", and moving it would have required specialist equipment. Despite this there were no witnesses to the theft, thought to have taken place in the early hours of the morning